Raul Zamora

Property Management Services

As a highly skilled and dedicated real estate broker, I bring to my career a diverse background in sales and marketing.   This combined with a strong work ethic gives me a definite edge in helping you achieve your real estate goals.  The real estate industry  is constantly evolving.  You need a professional who understands this diversity and is positioned to stay ahead of the game.
We operate our business aggressively yet we are easy to work with.  We have purposely limited our management services to the Yolo County area so we can give each property the attention to detail that it deserves.
We work with the best maintenance people in the business and at the best prices. You´ll benefit with group discounting and our close supervision of the workers.
Following is a copy of our property management proposal. It aims to answer most your questions regarding what we do and what we charge. If you have further questions please do not hesitate to call us.
We appreciate your interest and we look forward to working with you.

Services Provided

1. Property Preparation and Maintenance:

We are experienced in knowing how to make a property presentable. We work with a large staff of reputable vendors that we have used for many years. In today´s rental market, we feel this is necessary in order to obtain quality tenants for quality rents. Keeping your investment maintained is keeping your investment´s value up. We do not add a “surcharge” or “handling fees” to invoices. You pay only the invoice amount.

2. Marketing for Tenants:

  • For rent sign up within 24 hrs
  • Property to be advertised on our website and Craigslist website
  • Business and after hours phone number in all advertising and prompt attention to prospective tenant calls
  • Property to be advertised in Davis Enterprise at owner’s expense

3. Tenant Screening:

We have each interested prospective tenant complete a credit application. We order a credit and criminal report through our tenant screening bureau. If the report shows the prospective tenant meets our qualifications, then we proceed to call and verify employment as well as current and past landlords. Once an applicant has passed our screening, we make the final decision to accept or decline the applicant.

4. Walk Through and Documentation:

A walk through with each new tenant prior to move in will be conducted. The tenant is given a detailed walk through form to complete and return to us within 3 days. This document along with the signed rental agreement becomes part of the permanent file for future reference.

5. Rent and Deposit Collection:

At the time of lease signing the security deposits required to be paid in certified funds for owner’s protection. At the time of move in the rent is also due in certified funds.  All rents are due on the 1st day of the month.  There is a 5 day grace period.  After the 5th day the tenant will be charged a 6% late fee.  3 day notices to pay or quit will be sent after the 5th.

6. Monthly Reporting:

Our accounting system relies on sophisticated property management software that provides easy to understand monthly statements. All statements include monthly and year to date information. All monies received from the homeowner or the tenant is placed in a Trust account and all disbursements are paid from that account. We can pay bills on your behalf, taxes homeowner´s dues, mortgage, insurance, etc .There is no extra charge for this service. You will receive a check for your rent minus whatever deductions you have on your monthly statement.

7. Repairs:

We respond to tenants repair problems using experienced, reasonably priced trades people. Per the management agreement we are pre authorized to make repairs up to $150. You will see work orders with your monthly statement. In an emergency, we must act quickly. If you cannot be reached, we have all right to take care of it immediately. A 24 hr emergency phone number is given to each tenant so that repairs and problems can be handled quickly and efficiently. (As stated in the lease, tenants are encouraged to get renters insurance.)

8. Delinquencies:

Aggressive rent collection procedures will be used at all times. Three day notices to pay or quit will be served to tenants at no charge to owner. Should an Unlawful Detainer action be required, we will represent owner in court at no additional charge. Total costs will be those billed by local legal office specializing in tenant evictions.

9. Leasing and Occupancy

Our lease is undergoing continuous review to insure that it provides the most effective and comprehensive protection to the homeowner. In addition to the lease, tenants sign a document containing our rules and regulations. These rules and regulations have been developed over the past years in management to insure that tenants are fully aware of their responsibilities.

 Management Fees
  • Management fee- 9% of monthly rent collected
  • Tenant locator fee- 3/4 of one month’s gross rent (one time fee)
  • Advertising fees- owner is responsible for applicable fees if they request advertising in the Davis Enterprise