Raul Zamora

Why Z1 Properties is the best:

Our company is owned by an independent broker. Which means our clients get to work directly with a highly skilled, dedicated broker.   No wasting time waiting with a "middle man" that has to get approval from upper management. We understand that you want to save time and money in your real estate transactions.  At Z1 Propertiesthat is just what we do!


We specialize primarily on real estate in Yolo County.  This focus ensures that we are able to share our valuable expertise with you by providing a smooth search, offer, and purchase experience.  Every client is given the attention and superior service they deserve on every transaction. No exceptions


For Buyers:

Z1 Properties is also a property management company.  This gives us expert knowledge about the age and condition of homes in Davis and the surrounding area.  We share our knowledge about each potential property with our buyers to ensure that you are getting the home of your dreams, the perfect investment property, or the home away from home for your UC Davis student.

For Sellers:

Along with the expertise service that you will get directly from the broker, our website offers the capability to search comparable homes in your neighborhood, so you always know what the market looks like. We also know how to spruce up your home to raise the appraisal value and we will work continuously with you to get the job done!